Altered Carbon Season 1 – A SPOILER FREE Review

A Gripping Sci-Fi Treat for TV!

Netflix released the first season to its ambitious Sci-Fi thriller drama named Altered Carbon on Friday, Feb 2, 2017. Based on the 2002 novel of the same name by Richard K. Morgan, the plot of the show is set in the distant future where consciousness of human beings are stored in storage devices called “stacks” attached to the back of the neck of a person which allows him/her to come back from death into physical bodies called “sleeves”. Takeshi Kovacs (Joel Kinnaman), the sole survivor soldier from a group of mercenaries who called themselves as Envoys, is revived back from death and assigned a task to help solve the murder of the insanely wealthy meth named Laurens Bancroft (James Purefoy) by Bancroft himself.

Altered Carbon starts off on a sloppy note with  great visual effects, pretty similar to that from Blade Runner movie series, but a distorted and really slow paced storyline. For the first two episodes, it didn’t seem like it was going anywhere as it desperately tried to build up the story. The beginning wasn’t much of a promising deal but believe me, it certainly got better!

The next couple of episodes are when everything gets really intriguing as well as gripping. The pacing eventually improves and we come across some pretty cool and bloody action scenes. The performances look promising and so does the story development. Midway through the season, the storyline keeps getting better with each passing episode as Kovacs explores into various ends along with Detective Ortega (Martha Higareda) in an attempt to find out the murderer of Bancroft. The second half of the season is pure class.

The futuristic gadgets, flying cars, cool guns and the Artificial Intelligences are somethings to look upon. There’s a lot of violence and nudity all throughout the season. Considering how the show beautifully portrays the lack of importance of physical human bodies, the nudity doesn’t actually feel forced. The show does have its flaws which can be easily noticeable at times but it’s also very enjoyable and keeps rectifying itself. As we proceed towards the end, there are some thrilling plot twists which totally gets you engaged into the plot. The last two episodes are certainly the best ones from the show. The finale is the most heartbreaking yet badass episode from the season. The extended action scenes are rather a treat and the dialogue delivery is pure bliss. Undoubtedly, a very satisfying conclusion to a brilliant season.

The writing of the show improves every episode and the character development is pretty good. The acting is really great. Chris Conner as the AI hotel manager Poe pulls off a surprisingly stunning performance – indeed my most favorite character from the season. Joel Kinnaman and Dichen Lachman also justify their roles quite well and so does every one else. The cinematography is very pleasing to the eyes. Overall, this show is really one hell of a Sci-Fi treat for TV show buffs.

Verdict: Netflix adds yet another brilliant show to its esteemed collection, this time a Sci-Fi thriller named Altered Carbon, which takes its time to build up a story but once it does, there’s no going back! Thanks to powerful performances delivered by Joel Kinnaman, Chris Conner and others, a beautifully crafted and gripping storyline and some great visual effects and cinematography, this show serves as a real treat for Sci-Fi fans. Indeed a MUST WATCH!

Rating: 9/10

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  • February 5, 2018 at 4:11 am

    Civilization is white man’s burden

  • February 14, 2018 at 8:10 am

    Come se non fosse abbastanza strano, c’è una modifica davvero interessante per una ripresa nella biblioteca di Bancroft, dove sta indicando la macchia di sangue lasciata dalla sua stessa materia cerebrale mentre Ortega dice “Per favore perdonami”. Lei ha ucciso Bancroft?

  • December 31, 2018 at 5:48 pm

    I never made it past the first episode but after reading this, I may give it another try. Thanks!


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