Star Trek: Discovery season 1 – A SPOILER FREE Review

The 50+ years old powerful Sci-Fi Franchise didn’t let its fans down!

CBS All Access’s Star Trek: Discovery aired it’s first episode on 24th September 2017 starring Sonequa Martin as Michael Burnham, the lead. The plot is set 10 years prior to the events of the original Star Trek series, during the Federation-Klingon war, as it portrays altogether a different story and a different set of characters for the crew of the ship USS Discovery.

Star Trek Discovery had a sluggish start as it struggled to gain momentum early on and had a lot to suffer. It was targeted by many fans as well as critics for promoting diversity, during the trailer launch itself. Many had complains towards the show destroying the very essence of the Star Trek franchise as it was supposed to portray a period of war rather than exploring worlds for which the franchise was originally known for. Although the actors showed potential, what the show lacked at the beginning was proper writing and a stable plot. As for me, I myself had little expectations towards the prosperity of the series, even though I am a big Star Trek fan.

The early episodes didn’t ignite a spark in me either. Except the visuals and the BGM nothing felt so great. But as the series raced towards the mid-season, things finally started to change. The show picked up pace and a proper storyline. Every episode felt better than the previous one. The mid-season finale generated some real hope for the show amongst its fans, as it delivered the most promising and the best episode of the series by then. Finally Star Trek Discovery made some real progress and at the same time lifted up the expectations of its viewers.

The second half of the show didn’t disappoint either. The writing felt really improved as they brought on some different and really intriguing concepts. Along with the new concepts, came the plot twists which were mindbogglingly good, something you would never expect. Everything at this point of time was at its peak, be it the acting, the direction or the character development. The finale was good and a satisfactory end to the season.

The performances delivered by everyone in the cast were amazingly powerful throughout the season. Sonequa Martin did heck of a job as Michael Burnham and it would be suffice to say she really made me care for her character by the end whom I felt a bit boring as the lead of the show at the start. As for Doug Jones, dressing up as some weird alien and delivering a strong performance has never been much of a problem for him. Ask me, I’d say his character Saru was definitely one of the best characters from the show, if not the best! The visuals and the BGM were good and also I would like to appreciate the make-up artists for doing a nice job with Saru as well as the Klingons. Rest assured Star Trek Discovery ended its debut season on a positive note and since it has already been renewed for a second season, I’d surely expect it to improve even more next time.

Verdict: Star Trek Discovery began its journey on a dull note but continued to improve as time progressed until it delivered a very strong mid-season finale, after which the show felt a lot different and surprisingly great. Thanks to the powerful performances and some engaging plot twists, the show ended its debut season on a positive note. The one thing you gotta have, is a bit of faith while watching it early on. A GOOD WATCH for the Star Trek fans out there.

Rating: 8/10.



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