Movie Review: Black Panther(SPOILER FREE)


Marvel Studios‘s latest addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) and one of the most anticipated movies of the year, Black Panther directed by Ryan Coggler was released on 16th February 2018. Starring Chadwick Boseman as T’Challa the Black Panther, the film revolves around the story of T’Challa returning home as the King of the isolated but highly advanced African nation of Wakanda, after his father’s demise.

The film starts off with some very eye-pleasing visual effects showing off the highly advanced technological aspects of the vibranium (an alien metal believed to be the strongest metal on Earth) rich country of Wakanda. It takes a bit of time to develop the story but picks up soon enough. The main villain Erik Killmonger (Michael B Jordan) is introduced but the real fun begins when T’Challa and co. head to South Korea to seize a long lost vibranium made weapon from an old enemy to the Wakandan state Ulysses Klaue (Andy Serkis). The action scenes on the streets of South Korea are heck of a fun but Hold on peeps! That’s just the beginning of the fast paced full on entertainment and there’s a lot more to follow.

Chadwick Boseman‘s T’Challa / Black Panther isn’t unfamiliar to anyone since the great portrayal of his character in Captain America: Civil War but the way he has brilliantly justified his role in this one is surely something to appreciate. I won’t be exaggerating if I say he was close to flawless throughout the whole movie. His emotions, amazing reflexes and his dam’n suit, everything was perfect. Hands down he is certainly one of the most absorbed MCU characters till date.

Soon Killmonger is shown heading to Wakanda to challenge the King T’Challa for the throne. The fight scenes which thereby follow were a treat to watch. It’d now be suffice to say that MCU has finally found the villain in Killmonger, they and their fans longed for. This guy has got the desperate purpose of righting the wrongs which he faced throughout his life and taking all possible actions towards the betterment of the African tribe spread all over the world. Killmonger’s character also touches the various political topics of the modern day world to convey a strong familiar message. There would be times when you’d like to sympathize with the cause he tries to portray throughout the movie but the realistic display of the hatred stored in his heart would compel you to hate him eventually. It’s the way his character is properly developed in bits and pieces as well as the mass Michael B. Jordan carries into the it that makes Killmonger arguably the best MCU villain till date. At the end of the day people can relate to the emotions carried by the character and ultimately realize his importance. I’ve always believed a Superhero movie’s base is decided by its villain and Killmonger here is the factor which distinguishes Black Panther from any other Marvel Studios movie till date.

Talking about others, T’challa’s sister Shuri played by Letitia Wright is displayed as highly intelligent and at the same time badass! She’s has got a deep connection to her brother and is one of the most lovable characters from the movie. Martin Freeman‘s role as Agent Ross was too good and highly enjoyable. The Walking Dead star Danai Gurira kills it with her strong performance, brilliant reflexes and superb action skills as the General to T’Challa’s royal guard, Okoye. Lupita Nyong’o also steals the show as the highly supportive character Nakia who’s written in a very positive way. Winston Duke delivers a stunning performance as M’Baku with the limited amount of screen-time he gets and the same goes for Andy Serkis‘s refreshing portrayal of Klaue. Last but not the least not to forget the Get Out star Daniel Kaluuya‘s short and important role as W’Kabi.

The Cinematography as well as the visual effects are the peaks of the film. The African scenic beauty was mesmerizing all the time and you’d never get bored of it. The African themed soundtracks were really catchy. The plot is simple yet thought-provoking. The writing is great and the fast pace of the movie with a bit of humor does the job as usual. Although I won’t say Black Panther was completely devoid of forced humor, yet it sure didn’t bother me much as compared to other MCU movies because of the high emotional content attached to this one. I would have expected the action scenes to be a little more crisp but that’s okay and satisfactory. Overall speaking, Black Panther is an excellent compilation of light as well as emotional moments and as said by many, the most matured Marvel Studios movie till date. Also yeah, Wakanda Forever!

VERDICT: Black Panther kick-starts the year 2018 for the Marvel Studios in style, thanks to its awesome visuals, powerful performances and the greatest MCU villain till date. 10 years for the studio and they still don’t forget creating awesome movies. It’s a MUST WATCH for Superhero Movies fans and definitely raises the standards of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

RATING: 9/10.

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