Sense8 Series Finale gives a stunning send off to the beautiful GEM of a show.

Hey there! It’s me again, with a post on one of my most favorite TV shows, Sense8 that just released its final episode today. And to my amigos, I keep my take on the finale or even the whole show absolutely SPOILER FREE.

First things first, if anyone wants, can have a read on the article given in the link below. That’s my perception towards the first 2 seasons of the show before they delivered the season finale:-

Now then, coming back to the finale. Wow! Just WOW! I cannot describe this feeling in appropriate words even if I try to but I’ll do my best. Over the years, I’ve literally watched so many inspiring TV shows and I got emotionally connected to many of them. But this one was something so unique yet impressive and attaching. Sense8 in its two seasons hardly left out any aspect to be portrayed on screen, I believe. It just had everything I wanted in a show and the finale was equally stunning as the rest of the series.

Today’s episode was indeed an amazing gift to us fans by the Wachowkis, as it was expected to be. It was just so beautiful to begin with! I won’t be exaggerating if I say I just spent some of the best 2.5 hrs of my life on a screen. The finale was intense and dark to thrill and depress me, but at the same time had lots and lots of cooler moments to make me laugh the hell out. It did make me emotional at times, but at the same time filled my heart with joy.

It’s suffice to say now that I love each and every dam’n character portrayal on this show. Even the supporting ones were so flawless and close to perfect in this one, which ofc they have always been. The leads were as usual stunning in their roles. The Cinematography was breath taking at times and even the action scenes and the camera work over them was done so good. There wasn’t a single dull moment in the whole finale. Also the soundtracks were perfect indeed.

I guess the most unique aspect of the show I’d like to point out is how the makers aren’t afraid of portraying anything and everything on screen. Over the course of time, they have displayed so many controversial topics of our everyday society but still the show never lost that charm or felt forced. They have promoted diversity in the best possible way, portrayed emotions in a perfect manner, even gave a tribute to all the LGBT guys around the globe and what not! They should be definitely appreciated for their efforts behind this masterpiece.

Like I and every fan of the show always kept saying, it was a dam’n shame Netflix cancelled this one. This show had so much potential, could have even become the best TV show in the history of TV had it continued for a longer time. At the end of the day, I’m just glad the finale gave hell of a send off to the brilliant Sense8. This has been an experience so heart warming to me that I won’t ever be able to get over it, hands down.

Thanks a ton to the makers for delivering such a GEM of a show on our doorstep. This show will forever remain close to my heart. I bid farewell to Sense8 with a heavy heart but a big smile on my face today. The series finale scores a perfect 10/10 episode on my radar, no doubts on that.

Signing off,
A Staunch Fan.

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