“Through the darkness of future’s past, The Magician longs to see. One chants out between two worlds,


Let me start by saying, this is not a review. I can’t possibly review this show, at least not yet, because I’m way too impotent a reviewer as of now to present my take on this masterpiece. Rather consider this an appreciation post for one of the best TV shows ever created, and it’s gonna be a long one, as I have a lot to say. But it’s SPOILER FREE, if that helps.

So, David Lynch and Mark Frost’s TWIN PEAKS – I’ve meant to watch this show for past three years but for some or other reason I just couldn’t find time for it. Always heard from the fanbase that “Twin Peaks is basically every genre ever” and now, after finally experiencing all three seasons of the show as well as the prequel film, I can myself vouch for that statement.

As many of you’d already know, the first two seasons of Twin Peaks aired back in 1990 – ’91 after which it got scraped and there was also a prequel movie “Twin Peaks: Fire walk with Me” released in ’92. From the very first minute of the show, I was absorbed into its unique screenplay which felt totally realistic at first but there was a lot more to it.

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The first season of the show had just 8 episodes and I binged them within 2 days I guess, such was the grip. Everything about this show felt weirdly amazing and deep and considering it was Lynch, I knew there was much more to come.

The season 2-A totally blowed away my mind but that was also the phase when I thought I’d rather take it slow. Season 2-B was honestly mediocre and the reason was ABC messing with the integrity of the show and cancelling the season 3, midway through the season 2. As such, Lynch didn’t even direct most of the episodes of the season 2-B and the writers didn’t know where to go with the plot, but he did return towards the end and Twin Peaks season 2 ended with probably the biggest cliffhanger in the history of TV.

“Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me” was the prequel film to the series of events covered by the show and I understand the hatred it received during the time, as most of it wouldn’t have made sense back in the day. But you need to watch this film before season 3.

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“Twin Peaks – The Return” or you can say the season 3 of the show returned 25 years later on Showtime. Just to imagine how the fans of the show would have lived with the cliffhanger ending for so long was above me. But season 3 of Twin Peaks has to be the best individual season of any show, I’ve ever seen till date. It continues the storyline exactly 25 years later, whereby they portray the events from the current lives of most of the cast from the past, in the present era one by one through the initial episodes. To see the older versions of your favorite characters felt awkward as well as nostalgic at the same time.

Episode 8 of the season 3 was the greatest piece of television I’ve ever seen and throughout this masterpiece of an episode all I felt was that, my feeble brain was way too dumb to understand something so vastly spiritual yet coherent. The visual storytelling of this episode was the most remarkable aspect of it and the way it connected all the dots by the end, it was absolutely groundbreaking and a subtle product of the highly complex vision straight out of Lynch’s mind. That was the moment when I knew Twin Peaks was already into the list of my all time favorite shows.

After Episode 8, there was no stopping for the show. Everything from the movie and the past two seasons made sense as we proceeded towards the end and all the plot elements of the current season were beautifully crafted to give us one hell of a penultimate episode. The season finale totally “Lynched” the crap out of me. I won’t speak about it as anything I’d try to say could be a potential spoiler and you guys need to experience all of it on your own.

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Overall, TWIN PEAKS was unlike anything I’ve ever seen and most of all, I’m glad this show exists. It was the peaks of creativity, direction and character development. The returning season 3 was a revolutionary masterpiece in every aspect and outrageously bonkers. Couldn’t expect anything better out of the visionary brains of the legends David Lynch and Mark Frost. This show is certainly not everyone’s cup of tea, but I hope it will be cherished by true Cinema Lovers forever.

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